5 Facts on Why men talk less and Women don’t hear!

5 Facts on Why men talk less and Women don’t hear
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“Why does it take you so long to reply “, “Why are you so insensitive “, “Why don’t you hear me out before talking so much”, “Why didn’t you call?” or “Why didn’t you pick up your phone”. Heard these lines in a relationship before? I am sure you have. The male and the female communication style has been long debated on and written widely about. What does The Crispy Corner think of it?
Lets hear 5 facts that might give you a better understanding on how men and women communicate

Fact 1: Men do not like texting non-stop. It is too much work for them
Nothing annoys a woman more than waiting for a reply to her message. You can’t blame the men; it’s just how they are made. For women, they treat replying to messages not only from men but  from anyone as top priority. Communication comes naturally to them. Men on the other hand, find it hard to relate to texting forget emoting via it. Sometimes they  forget, not purposely but they just forget because internally men do not consider SMS as a prime mean of communication. They rather call or meet. Men don’t understand the difference in replying after a minute versus replying after 5 minutes. For women, the time lapse in responses show lack of interest in talking. So if you are busy doing something or you need to go, inform your lady or she might take it in a wrong way.

Fact 2: For men smileys are awkward, for women it is a whole new language -
Many women wonder why a man so nice in person but so cold via text. That is because men do not know how to emote or express via text. A man uses smiley either when he doesn’t know what to say or because the girl he is talking to is using a lot of smileys. A woman uses smiley to denote her mood. For men one happy smiley is just a happy smiley, for women one happy smiley is happy and three means excited. Everything is dramatized through use of icons. Women have their own dictionary of how smileys work. In fact, they even get offended if she is using smileys and your replies include none. She will term you as unromantic or even unexpressive. So women, it is important to understand that smileys mean nothing to a man. What they write is what they feel. Icons do not indicate their mood. To men, you can derive a lot about how a woman is feeling through her use of smileys. So pay attention.

Fact 3: Women will wait for you to hang up first but will get disappointed when you do so -
That’s how women are made. They never hang up first because they feel guilty on keeping the phone first. Yes, occasionally she will, but she will put it in the most politest way keeping in mind you don’t feel bad. What she doesn’t know that keeping the phone is not such a big deal for as it is to her. Men do not think twice before hanging up if they are sleepy or have to go somewhere. Haven’t you fought because you boyfriend wanted to go to sleep and you tell him “ I always stay up to talk to you even when I am sleepy “? That is just how men are made. Sleep and hunger overpowers everything. It does not mean that they do not want to talk to you or love you any less.

Fact 4: Men may love you a lot but will express less. Women over-express -
Women complain all the time how men are so romantic when they first start dating but over time stop becoming expressive with their words. Men need to understand for once and for all, that expressing your love is not a good to have, it is a necessity if you want your special woman to be happy in life. Women have been made that way. They feed on external praise and assurance. She will appreciate your care but she will be attracted by how much you flatter her. Men are first attracted to a woman by her beauty; a woman is attracted to a man by his sweet talk. If that goes away, somewhere she equates this to the man losing interest in her. As much as you may tell your wife or gf you love her, you have to show it. It is important to express what you feel inside else it will never reach her and chances are that she will start expressing unhappiness. Men need to learn this, internalize it and practice it. Women are romantic period. Embrace this fact gracefully.
Women on the other hand need to keep in mind that a man’s action denotes his love and not what he says, so don’t jump to conclusions just because he expresses less .

Fact 5: Women hear less is a big myth -
Men often complain women talk a lot and hear less. That is partly true. They do talk a lot because they want to leave no stone unturned in explaining what they mean but they definitely do not hear less. A woman’s ears are the most important part of her body, which even she does not realize. Trust a girl to be able to hear what the next-door lady is whispering. Often, however, her need to express overpowers the need to hear. That does not mean she is not listening to you. She might be able to repeat everything you said, word by work. It is just that, she is thinking many things in her mind at that point and also calculating what to say next and hence it may seem she is not paying attention. Women need to understand that men value girls who give time to listen. So I understand it is important for you to talk but if you want your man to feel appreciated, start learning to listen to him and controlling your urge to interrupt him at every sentence.
Men and women are made different,physically,mentally and emotionally.There is a reason why  they are made different.One has what the other does not and together they make a perfect combination.Every couple has a different styles and way of communicating with each other.They are two very different people who are trying to build a common language.Most couples undermine the importance of working on their communication skills but it is extremely essential that every couple should talk about their challenges and differences in communicating from time to time.You need to talk about what you like and do not like so your partner has a better understanding of your expectations.It not only makes talking easier but also reduces possible fights. What you say and how you say it might make all the difference.
5 Facts on Why men talk less and Women don’t hear

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