30 Ways to be Intimate With Your Wife

Intimacy can be defined in many ways.

But if you’re a dude, your brain probably went exactly where mine would have; the nape of a neck, the curve of a breast, or…
Sorry, where was I?
Truth is, intimacy isn’t what happens between the sheets. Intimacy means fostering a warm, friendly, informal atmosphere that makes is easy to share mutual interests, habits or affections.

Sex equals intimacy, but intimacy doesn’t necessarily equal sex.

Intimacy with your spouse should be the breath of your relationship. Yes, intimacy should include physical touch and carnal pleasure, but it must also be a core value that leads you to a deeper understanding of your partner.
Nurture your intimacy and you will have a union that is happier, healthier, and filled with surprises. Get to know your best half a little better and remind her that she’s the center of your universe. Gather insight into her interests outside of the bedroom and you might be surprised at what happens once the door is closed.

Here are 30 ways to be intimate with your wife. Start today and by this time next month you’ll be making the neighbors jealous.