10 tips for an orgasm she won’t forget!

10 tips for wild orgasms
If love is a chemical reaction, then sex is the catalyst, they say. Added to this equation is a woman, a complex human who is a mystery of emotions that every man hopes to unravel. So go ahead, load up on these 10 amazing tips to take your woman on an orgasmic roller-coaster ride that will leave her begging for more!
1.      Dress her up… or down!
Every woman wants to feel and look sexy for her man and she’ll go to great lengths to please him. But how about making her look great for a change? Buy her some sultry lingerie of your choice and ask her strut her stuff in front of you. Not only is it a definite turn on for you, but for her too. Time to make your move!

 2.      Reach for her heart
For a woman, it’s often more important to connect emotionally before establishing a physical connect. Start off with something that you know will touch her heart. Plan a romantic evening – dinner, soft lights, music and wine – the works. Start with the wine to get her relaxed. Pull her close and let the wine and the music do the trick! Before you know it, it’ll be she who unleashes her moves on you!
 3.      Up your wild quotient
Add a little zing to the everyday, mundane activities of life. For instance, the next time you take a shower, pull her in with you. Use soap and a loofa to create a soft-and-rough touch. The unbelievably erotic experience will leave her breathless and she will never be able to help but smile every time she showers after that!
 4.      Hide and seek
Tie a blindfold to each other’s eyes and embark on a glorious exploration! The lack of your visual senses will make your touch even more sensuous because you have no idea which pleasure spot you will hit next! The blind fishing expedition is bound to thrill her to no end!
 5.      Switch Venues
The word ‘sex’ brings to mind only one place – the bedroom. Why not try a different place? Say, the kitchen. Steam up things by creeping up behind her when she’s baking a cake, let your fingers mesh together as you knead the dough. Pretty soon, you will be cooking an entirely different dish! The unexpectedness will send her into a frenzy that will shock you both!
 6.      Kink it up
Most women have at least one fantasy and to make that come true could mean the best orgasm she’s ever had. Ask your woman if she has any deep and dark secret desires – like being handcuffed or even taped! It could be the ultimate sexual experience that leaves her gasping for more.
 7.      Keep it fresh
Get hold of a Kamasutra and surprise her with a new move. A woman’s body is a treasure trove of hidden pleasure points. And if our ancestors swore by the century-old sex guide, it could definitely show your lady love stars in the daylight!
 8.      Tease and tantalize
There’s a chance that she may come on to you first and no man in his right mind would wait to respond. But wait, don’t give in! Tease her a little, play a little hard to get. The game of cat and mouse won’t just make things hotter but also give her a feeling of control – something a lot of women just love!
 9.      Buy her toys
Nope, we aren’t talking about cuddly teddy bears, but sex toys! Experiment with dildos or vibrators to bring in that ‘X’ factor.
 10.  Play games
Change a boring game of monopoly and put in options like “Get a free Swedish massage” or “Free lap dance”. Try it and be prepared for some fun and games between the sheets!
 There you go – 10 surefire ways we thought of to make sure your woman knows you are a sex god! But hey, let your creative juices flow and innovate just for her.
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