Increase Sexual Desire For Men - The Deer Exercise

In today’s world of western science with chemical solutions to everything, we are quickly forgetting that the human race has had tens of thousands of years of their own evolutionary progress using natural and effective methods. You can easily take a pill now to stimulate an erection, but at what consequence? Have you really reinvigorated your sexual energy?
The unpleasant side effects of the pharmaceutical solutions now sold just gives you erections and often enervation afterwards.

Sexual energy, and reinvigorating it, means regaining the vitality of youth, and giving a holistic benefit to your entire system. If you are young man or a man in his autumn years, the following Chinese Taoist exercise, done daily, will reap great benefits for you. You will reinvigorate your sexual energy, stimulate sperm production, exercise the prostate (and promote good prostate health), and reignite your libido.

The Exercise of the Deer
Taoists were great observers of life phenomena. They noticed how the animals fought and defended themselves, and developed the martial arts according to emulatory exercises. They also noticed the male deer would wiggle his tale and simultaneously exercise his anus. They perceived that the deer is long-lived and possesses an amazing sexual capacity. Thus, we present the exercise of the deer for men.

Find a comfortable place to sit (naked) cross legged. Your bed is acceptable if not too soft, or the floor upon an exercise mat perhaps. After a shower or bath is the best time.
Sitting cross-legged, cup your testicles with one hand (do not squeeze, but cup the testicles in a supportive way) and with the other hand placed flat just under, and to the right of the navel, massage your abdomen in a circular motion 81 times. Now do it again to the left of the navel another 81 times.
You have stimulated the meridians connected with your sexual (vital) energy. You will feel a warm and comforting feeling ascending and descending your spinal column.

Anus and Prostate Exercise
After your Deer Exercise, continue to sit comfortably cross-legged, and if you wish, support yourself by your arms as well. When relaxed, squeeze your anus in a three-motion rhythm motion. Squeeze it softly at first, harder the second time and the third time, as strong as you can squeeze. Hold the strong squeeze of a count of 9 (if you can). Then relax.
Repeat this exercise for 9 sets.

What have you achieved by the Exercise of the Deer and Anus/Prostate Contractions?
You have begun to recharge your sexual batteries the natural way; you have stimulated sperm production and natural hormone section, and generally, raised the libido level naturally. You cannot see the benefits at once, but after about 10 days you will notice an improvement in sexual vigor and a regained youthfulness.
The above, combined with a good common sense diet (which includes eating natural foods such as honey, nuts, and fruits) will also find you increased sexual energy, health and well-being.
By Sacha Tarkovsky

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