Why 'vacation sex' spices up your love life like nothing else

Want to pep up your love life? Well, then all you need to do is plan a 'vacation' sex with your partner, for it can do wonders for your heart, mind, and soul, according to a new research.

Sex on a holiday allows you to get away from pressures, distractions, worries and responsibilities -- basically, any of those libido-killers that affect your love life most days of the year, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Devote yourself to nurturing your sexual needs
While on vacation, you can totally devote yourself to nurturing your sexual needs and desires -- and to attending to those of your lover.

This is one of the reasons the vast majority of American marriage counsellors recommend a regular weekend away as the one thing that can help a marriage, especially a struggling one.

Get 'sexperimental'
Vacation is the best place to get 'sexperimental'. People love having sex in new places. This is in large part because of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

When people have new experiences, dopamine spikes in the brain, triggering lust. And with that, many are willing to try something new and exciting.

Embark on a variety of nightlife activities
In a new, romantic, or exotic place, lovers can rediscover one another. In trying different restaurants or embarking on a variety of nightlife activities, every evening that you're away feels like a date night, each with its own distinct backdrop.

Make the time for nothing but loving
All of this enhances lovers' moods, helping them to feel better about one another and more connected.

When you make the time for nothing but loving, that's hopefully what you're going to get -- and lots of it.

A vacation will make for some romance repair
Sex will breed the desire for more sex, making both partners feel better about their sex life and the relationship.

This is both for couples already content with their sex life and those hoping their vacation will make for some romance repair.

Some Holiday Spots:
* Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, the ideal honeymoon destination.
* Prefer sand and surf? Visit a world-famous beach, like Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.
* Get all mushy & loved-up at Venice's St Mark's Square during the Venice Carnival in February.
* Shimla in North India is one of the most beautiful places on earth.
* Put the spark back in your relationship in stunning Rome.


What not to do when kissing

When it comes to sex and love, there’s no such thing as too much knowledge. No matter how much experience one has, there are always some things that were missed, some bits of information that did not reach him or her. And since most people have other things to do with their lives than striving to become a sort of walking sex and love encyclopedias, it follows that everybody needs tips now and then.

Among the physical expressions of love, kisses are very versatile tools in the emotional kit of any human being. From the short and tender kiss of a grandmother, to heads of state briefly touching their lips to each other’s cheeks and on to passionate lovers French kissing their way to a hot session of sex, it’s obvious that our lips can express many things.

And since the best kisses are those that come out right, some tips are in order for the use of people who either don’t get much practice or are not catching up fast on what they should do. Don’t laugh! Nobody was born knowing how to do this or that thing. We all have to learn.

While we can all be thankful to the French for opening the door to the intimate play of tongues (although it’s not clear whether the French kiss comes from Paris or not), kissing is actually a universal language that can be learnt by all people. Traditionally, French kissing has been associated with the Western world, from which it’s now spreading around the globe.

When preparing to go for the kiss, take your time for a reality check. Is the girl willing to go along with this or not? If you’re about to make your approach and the girl gets an embarrassed look on her face and starts fidgeting in her chair in what may be seen as an evasive maneuver, then pull back and give her some breathing space. Don’t rush things because you’re going to regret it.

First thing you need to know is that French kisses are not meant for the first date, unless, of course, the girl is quite the party animal and you both know that your date has only one purpose. In that case, anything goes if you can get away with it; even sex in the restaurant’s lavatory. Or if the girl is so clearly willing that there can be no mistake about it. But in all other cases, save French kissing either for the end of the date or for another date.

Two things that girls hate is to have guys shoving their tongues down their throats and to have their oxygen supply cut off during kissing. Therefore, you need to take care that you leave the girl enough room to breathe or to break the kiss every now and then. This will also help you, because you also need the oxygen. Two people kissing are sharing an intimate moment, not engaging in an endurance test or in a race to the death.

When actually going for the kiss, don’t charge with your tongue sticking out or your mouth. This can gross out even the hardcore promiscuous people. Put your lips against hers and only then let your tongue come out to play. And don’t stab her mouth with your tongue. Keep your cool and read her emotions. If she wants more passion or a little rough play, then go ahead and do what you think best. If not, then keep your tongue to yourself.

On the other hand, if both you and your partner find yourselves exhausted by a prolonged session of passionate kissing, then you are on the right path. It means that she enjoys your kisses and that she probably doesn’t mind going even further. Just remember to refrain from rushing things. The slow path is sometimes best.


Orgasms - A Real ‘Turn Off’ for Women

Having an orgasm is such a wonderful feeling, or that’s what women say. No one’s really been able to explain the experience very well, but a bunch of scientists recently studied the phenomenon of orgasms in detail and have figured out one important fact. That women do get ‘turned off’ by sex and orgasms!

Orgasms - A Real 'Turn Off' for WomenSurprisingly, at the moment of orgasm, women do not have any feelings! At the study that was conducted by a few scientists, using a brain scan, many areas of the brain get switched off during an orgasm. And the area that gets switched off include the regions of the brain where we feel pain or emotion! There is literally no emotional feeling for women when they reach for the skies, and it doesn’t matter who’s around. Everything goes into a haze, and the urge to orgasm overrides everything else. It’s no wonder many couples who make out in public don’t really mind being seen if they’re already in the middle of the act, adds the study.

Another aspect that was verified is the universally acknowledged myth, that women cannot enjoy sex unless they are relaxed and free from worries and distractions. Fear and anxiety levels drive down the chances to orgasm while having an intimate moment for women. It’s no wonder, women worry so much about their appearance and feel quite unsexy at times. And unknown to them, it’s their feeling of ‘unsexyness’ that results in bad sex.

Back to Evolution

It all comes back to this, all the time. Again, the reason why women shut down their brain and lose their emotions completely when they have sex is due to human evolution. Evolution has altered us in such a way that women ‘turn off’ their brain while having sex because at such times the chance to produce off spring becomes more important than the survival risk to the individual. This behavior is also seen in several animals, where the urge to mate makes them overlook all fear of predators and other dangers, and focus primarily on mating! The only part of the brain that still functions is the cerebellum, which is said to be associated with movement and coordination of the body.

The Man’s Side

Well, men have never known how to shut out things in their head, and even while having sex, men seem to feel nothing that is felt by women. The brain may be deactivated in a few small regions, but almost all other functions work in order. No wonder men are able to speak easily while having sex, while women find it easier to moan rather than speak, which is pretty much because the part of the brain that coordinates speech too, is shut off while orgasming!


Sex Positions That Make You Look Good

Positions that look good on film

From Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee to Paris Hilton and some guy, all the way down to Dustin Diamond from Saved By the Bell, the infamous sex tape has become a near norm for attention-seekers, A-list celebrities -- and the curious couple next door. In the last decade or so, there has been an explosion of amateur porn, racy exhibitionism, and a relaxation of societal mores. Whether you want to be caught on tape or catch yourself and your partner in real-time action reflected off of mirrored walls, take the time to read and implement some of these scorching positions that are primed for front-row seating. Camera, lights, action!

1. Star gazing
Think long, lithe lines, graceful curves, and forgiving posture. In this female-superior position, your girl sits regally on top of you as you lie on your back. She will face away from you with her knees planted on the floor beside your body. In this position, she will have the freedom to elongate her body and stretch out a slightly rounded tummy. For you, this position enables you to lay flat or rest on your elbows in such a way that your midsection won’t bunch up.

The view: This position also allows great visibility depending on where you place your camera and mirrors. With mirrors parallel to you, you can let both parties get a full view of this sensual spectacle. You can also place a camera on a tripod and take aim at your conjoined bodies and her spread legs. Your movements will translate very clearly on tape. You can also place the camera at a distance for a panoramic view.

2. The Python
The python is great for using mirrors, as she lies ready to swallow you whole. You sit relaxed while she winds her way about your body, coming to rest on your thighs. This form is very good for hiding less than perfectly flat abs, as her body rests on her side, whereby no view of her midsection is available. The opposite angle captures the attention as she lavishly devotes her moist lips, mouth and tongue on your very happy self.

The view: Her body, draped over you, can be appreciated by mirrors that show each angle: one that shows the curve of her back, sexy shoulder blades and her heart-shaped derrière laying over your leg, and one that profiles her face and her mouth moving in a wholly “Tera Patrick” way.

Open the doorway to heaven and pleasure Madame Butterfly...

3. Doorway to Heaven
Fuzz may be acceptable for men, but really, would you want to see your own hairy behind on camera? Or would you rather watch your woman be gorged upon with unaffected enthusiasm? The doorway to heaven allows your wandering eyes the pleasure of sweeping her entire body with your gaze. She lies on her side facing the camera or mirror while you come up behind her. Your mouth is at the apex of her thighs and your head is angled down, while your legs rest somewhat parallel to her back. She is completely spread with one leg lifted above your shoulder.

The view: From this position you can lift your head at any time to see her body stretched out before you in the mirror. It is also a great angle for the camera to pick up every delicious detail.

4. G-spot Jiggy
This is a rear-entry position, and you are in the animal position of dominance and power. She is on all fours, stretched out, shoulders back and breasts out. Placing mirrors on either side of the two of you as well as directly in front allows both of you to enjoy the erotic view.

The view: The g-spot jiggy is great for people who don’t really wish to see their behinds, but would like to see great thrusting action and the female form on her hands and knees, and her breasts rhythmically swaying to every moan and sigh.

5. Madame Butterfly
With a name like this, you’ll strike her romantic nature and her penchant for intrigue. Another female-superior position with you on your back and your girl sitting on top with her feet at your sides, in this position, she gets to arch her back toward your toes and tickle your feet with her hair. Her erotic arch translates gorgeously on screen or as a reflection. Again, this position flattens your stomach and she'll also hide some of your midsection from the mirrors with her legs. If you’re lucky, she’ll play up her attributes: perk her breasts, bend her long legs, arch her back, and lengthen her neck.

The view: She gets to lengthen her body, while you get to lie there and enjoy the view of her writhing on top of you. You have the option of looking into the mirrors you set up or you can lift your head for an unobstructed view of her lips as they take you in. If you want to get very intimate and share your perspective with your lover, you can bring the camera to bed and zoom in as she rides you.

House of Mirrors
If you feel a little curious or just want to add some spark to a routine activity, the mirrors and cameras are invaluable. Some helpful add-ons would be a tripod, remote, video cord, and soft lighting.

Taking the plunge to video may put off some women if they are uncertain where or how this video will be used. A novel way around this would be to directly feed the video into your TV from your camera without any tape inside. This will let you both see yourselves on TV while eliminating the risk of unwanted eyes seeing you in action.

A little word of caution: HD cameras and TVs may be a little too intimidating. You want her turned on, not picking out all the flaws she will inevitably see in herself and you. Have fun playing with each other.


Size Does Matter

Size Does Matter

The Female Brain (Dr. Louann Brizendine MD) reads some fascinating facts about the neurochemical make-up of women and how it impacts our behavior. Here are some interesting nuggets from it:

1. The neurochemical make-up of men dictates whether or not they will be faithful. There is a gene that codes for a particular kind of vasopressin receptor in the brain, which comes in seventeen different lengths. Males with longest gene variation are the most reliable and trustworthy partners. Therefore, this is the only size that matters when seeking a long-term mate.

2. The female brain is nature’s default setting. From conception until eight weeks, the fetal brain has the circuitry pathways of the female brain. After eight weeks, a huge testosterone surge makes this unisex brain male by killing off some of the cells in the communication centers and growing the areas dedicated to sex and aggression.

3. Women are not prone to fidelity any more than men are. Women are subconsciously looking for the men with the best genes to father their children. Symmetrical features are a signal of good genes, and therefore women are drawn to men with more symmetrical structures. When a woman is single, she is looking for men that can help her raise and protect her family. Once the home is established, the biological need to sneak around with men who have the best genes still persists.

4. Mommies fall “in love” with their babies. Research has shown that tender nurturing and breast-feeding that a mother experiences with her child releases bursts of dopamine, the reward and pleasure chemical, just as it does in romantic love.

5. No cold feet. In order for a woman to have an orgasm during sex, her amygdala, the center for fear and anxiety must be turned off. Women need to be comfortable and have their feet warm before they feel like having sex.

6. The switch from the giddy intensity of romance to the calmer, less passionate long-term relationship state is nature’s way of decreasing a couple’s focus on each other so that they can care for a new child.


Six Reasons to Have Sex Every Week

sexStudies show that regular sex provides a host of surprising health benefits.

Sex is good for adults. Indulging on a regular basis—at least once a week—is even better. Research links sex (with all safer-sex precautions taken) to an astonishing array of physiological benefits, from longevity to pain relief. Many studies don't address whether the health bonus comes from the act itself or from the corresponding emotional intimacy, but the bottom line is that getting physical has some great side effects—especially for women. Here are six ways that sex boosts your health:

  • It Fights Colds and Flu.
  • It's a Beauty Treatment.
  • It Burns Calories.
  • Yes, Honey, I Have a Headache: For a woman a migraine might actually be a reason for making love rather than avoiding intercourse: the increase in endorphins and corticosteroids during arousal and orgasm is analgesic.
  • It Promotes Regular Menstrual Cycles.
  • It Can Prevent Accidents: Women use the muscles of the pelvic floor to stem the flow of urine. As they age, they need to keep these strong to avoid peeing accidentally. The same muscles are exercised during intercourse, and as with all muscle-building programs, the benefits require consistency.