Great Sex in the Great Outdoors

Car outdoor sexOnce you’ve experimented with the sex in various exiting places in your home, it’s time to move out to experiment.

Sex in the Car
One of the most popular places to have sex outside the four walls is the car. As a kid in high school, you may have had this experience already, but it’s a good way to put some zing into your love life even at a later stage.

Most prefer the backseat to the front. Sex in a car is supposed to be restricted and tricky. So the car that you choose is naturally important. The proposal is to find a car sufficiently big, but not too big. SUV’s will not do because they are too comfortable, a lot like a couch.

Now, where to park the car? You want to find a spot that's private, but not too private. Sex in a car is exhilarating because you are in public and someone might see. You do have the option of driving out to a nearby forest where you are visible to no body but that’s no fun, is it? It’s better to find a place like a park or a parking area where cars are passing through. At night no one can really see what's going on while whizzing past in a car. One thing you must be careful about is to watch out for the police who are on the prowl. A good idea is to keep your clothes on if you don’t want to be arrested for indecent exposure. Another skill you need to develop while having car sex is to ‘up and move’ the moment anyone comes close. So you have to make sure that your antenna is up for an unexpected presence.

Another advantage of car sex is that while cruising around in a car is that if you come across a lonely spot, quickly jump out and ‘do it’!

Public Loos
Imagine this: You and your partner go to a hi-fly restaurant and, halfway through dinner, maybe just after a couple of glasses of wine and starters, quickly go to the restroom and have it off! Five star hotels or upmarket restaurants usually have really nice toilets and you can do it either standing up or even on the commode!

It's generally safer for women to enter men's rooms. Just make sure you’re your toilet is locked…..unless, of course, you want your neighbour to take a dekko!

Museums and Libraries
Museums and libraries, especially on hot summer afternoons are pretty deserted. Check out a time when the librarian is likely to be dozing, and then choose a shelf where your favourite author’s works are kept. You’ll probably get some intellectual stimulation too!

The BeachBeach sex couple
The beach provides many chances for outdoor sex. If you are truly adventurous, you can make out under a beach blanket in view of thousands of people….but they don’t know what’s going on, right? For a little more privacy, try wading into the ocean. You get more seclusion the deeper you go. Just make sure that you come out with your swimsuits, though!

Rooftops and Balconies
Rooftops are really fun. You get a view of the city or at least the surrounding area! If you have a balcony, that could be fun too, with the moon shining down on you! If you hear some late night visitors coming, run indoors!

At the Theatre
Remember that while necking in the theatre or movie hall is reasonably easy, theatre sex may not be so. You’ll have to ask the man in the ticket booth as to which is the least popular movie and buy tickets in the last row.

Well, once you’ve started on your sexual sojourns, we guarantee, there will be no looking back and no more boredom. So, get going and enjoy…..