Sexy Holiday Hair Style: Look Perfect in Summer

First we see the hairstyles on the runway. Then your stylist sports the latest look. Finally, it is your turn to determine what to do with your hair over the summer.

One thing we all want to conquer is frizz and fly aways. One thing I'd like to stay away from is the standard pony tail.

I need a cool hair style on these hot summer days.

According to hair's most fashionable website, Focus on Style, there are some new looks this summer. Yet, some of the traditional summer dos are hanging on, as well.

Braids are among the popular styles seen on the runways. Among them are the Goddess Braid and the Braided Updo. To be honest, the Braided Updo is reminiscent of Star War's Princes Leigha. There is a big difference, however. The braids are not wound up tight close to the head like Princess Leigha's cinnamon bun braids. They are brought up into the back and sides of the hair hanging more loosely. Braided Updos featured in Focus on Style emphasize a draping effect. They sweep around the back of the hairline and keep long, hot hair off of your neck.

The Goddess Braid is a large braid that runs across the front of the hairline. According to Focus on Style, the braid may then run behind the ears, or even farther back around the head. It may be composed of one long braid, or several small ones. Its effect is that of a braided crown, thus the name Goddess Braid. In addition to looking sleek, stylish, and sexy, the Goddess Braid keeps pesky hair out of your eyes in the summer time. Braided hair gives you more freedom and fewer frizzes to worry about during the summer.

Traditional pulled back hairstyles are also fashionable for the summer. Sleek, smooth lines look fashion forward with a sexy summer dress. I've always viewed sleek, taut hair as a sign of confidence. A beautiful woman is not afraid to show off her face by pulling back the hair. All of the drama is then left to her natural features and a little make-up.

What Focus on Style calls "the girl next door" look is the means by which school girls have pulled up errant pieces of hair, and kept them out of their faces for years. There are half pulled back, usually with hair pins. This is a popular style among some celebrities this season, according to celebrity trend on-line magazine nzgirl . There were also traditional ponies, pulled back gently with wisps of hair accenting the face.

Many of the styles in Focus on Style featured clipped or pinned hair with fullness and waves. Any variation on this theme creates a glamorous look for summertime. This is a perfect hair style to wear out to dinner, in your black party dress, or out with the girls at the local club.

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