Does Feminism Leave You Without a Date?!

Are you a working middle aged man who found this title fitting yourself?
If you cannot see your children during the week. Don't worry you are not alone.

A mother that gets goverment benefits will soon find out she is in the same situation as you are, or even worse, when her little son starts disrespecting any authority and ends up in trouble.

A young educated man looking for a job will always be the last to get it cause minorities and women will always come first.

Has today's world become owerpotective and it backfired on all of us?

A costumer called me from Santa Barbara, California and he talked about his college where many females are ashamed to call themselves a female cause the root of the word is male So they use some different kind of spelling which I couldn't hear cause he laughed so hard. But it is not funny at all, it is very sad.

If you just imagine all the policemen, fireman, workers and the most dangerous profession of all soldiers sacrifising themselves ewery hour just to benefit everybody and to make us all live in a safer world you cannot understand where does the hate come from.

It is so omnipresent that it is difficult to see, but the whole western world has become a man hating place and the rest of the world will soon be there also.

Lets analyze: why it happened?

In the past, as long as humans exsisted, women have spent considerable amount of money on making themselves beautiful and have bought designer clothes which, basically, cost a fortune.

Men were huge, unexplored market, escpecially in the 80's when most of young men were bodybuilding in gyms and following their role models of that time:Schwarzenegger and Stallone.

However those men were good enough for the sports industry, actually perfect, but fashinon industry had big looses cause ewery macho man would rather buy a cigar than go to a fancy hair specialist.

So they choose to make new role models for the young men to follow. The new role model spends on his looks the same, or ewen more than the women. In many countries, like Japan, males have lost courage to ewen approach women and they stay at home living with their parents and spendig all their surplus money on fashionable accessories.

That kind of behaviour may not be good for them, but it is definitely good for all the new industires that came in a spree.

If you go out to clubs today you will not see anybody approaching women (if he is sober) and you will see people just checking each other out and doing nothing. Fathers tell to their sons that it was not like that back in the good old days, who knows, all fathers like to exaggerate but it is clear that something is not right today cause men have become less of a man and now they are called metrosexuals.

When Bill Clinton, by many the best president in history, cheats on his wife he is questioned in front of the whole world. Twenty years ago, while cold war was still presnet ewerywhere the media favoured strong, playboy men and now the dice has changed and is in another extreme.

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