What Men should Do after Sex..

Satisfy Woman
It is obvious that after having an eventful love making session, men are tired and normally want to rest but before that it is very important that you show a little love and care towards your partner. After a wonderful lovemaking session be sure that you do the following so that your woman feels special. These suggestions can make a world of difference for women.

Clean her up
Those who are monogamous involved in a monogamous relationship, condoms are not much liked and they normally go in for the withdrawal method. If you are one of them then it will be a good thing that, after you have released your liquid onto her body, spend some time cleaning her up. This not only shows that you care but your woman will also like to have you touch her after the sexual performance. Take a towel and slowly wipe her body starting from her neck and move across to either shoulder; gently go over her breasts, stomach and hips.

Tidy up
If you have had one of those storming adventurous wild sex session and made love to her on the sofa or the kitchen table, then do help her tidy up after the mess. Also if you have used a condom, don’t throw it on the floor but dispose of the condom as quickly as possible. After you are done take her in your arms and lie down for a while.

Take a shower together
This is the most romantic thing to do after a sweaty session of love making. In the shower, let her scrub your back, shoulders and neck (among other things), and then you can do the same for her. And who knows you might just end up doing a round two.

Talk sex
There is no better time to communicate with one another than after a mutually gratifying sexual experience. Discuss all the things you enjoyed and found arousing and don’t talk about any negative aspects of the sexual encounter. Be attentive to your partner's likes so that you are sure to please her the next time around.

Touch therapy
Get cozy and rub her back lightly while you talk to each other. This not only helps her relax but your woman will feel very secure and wanted. You could even rub her thighs, since they'll probably be shaking after that momentous orgasm you just gave her. Remember giving her some special post-sex treatment will always work to your advantage.

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