What is ur Style of Sex !?

Sex style Kama Sutra
There are 3 basic sex styles. Sex in a marriage is an important factor. Sex relieves you of all tension and a marriage with good sex is healthier and lasts longer. But every person has his own style of sex and feels aroused and satisfied when they try out their sexual pattern. But at one stage sex becomes very monotonous and then you do need some variety. In this article we have brought for you the three basic sex styles and what you should do to spice up your sex life if you get bored of it. The recipe for a great marriage is having an equal balance of the three.

Couples who are very busy and don't get time to make love at ease basically adopt this style of sex. They are ideal for those marriages in which the man has a higher sexual requirement and urge than the woman. Quickies are perfect for a heated and steamy sexual encounter and bring in the passion and excitement in to the marriage. As a relationship enhancer, quickies can't be topped; men love them, and it brings back life into your marriage. However it wanes off over the period of time. Men always love it but for women quickie becomes frustrating coz it is not satisfying and they ultimately feel cheated.

If thus you have reached the stage where you no longer enjoy quickie and feel resentful because your husband reaches climax every time he has sex and you have an orgasm maybe once in 6 times then its time you did something about it. You can approach your husband and be frank about it. Tell him that it doesn't work any more and that a longer session makes you feel sexier and more turned on. If you cant be so frank then try to find a way where it will be able for the two of you to give more time to one another and enjoy sex for a longer time. Prepare a bath for him, give him good body massage and then make love the whole night… just have to buy time then from your busy schedule.

Comfort Sex
Comfort sex is the binding factor in a relationship. When two people loves one another and know each other's body, moods and passion spots then comfort sex is fun. Thus this kind of sex is possible only when two people know each other. This kind of sex is more loving and caring than just trying to reach an orgasm and being satisfied. This is caressing the partners mind than body. It's not about athletic prowess or numbers of orgasms, but rather about the bonds of time, experience, and intimacy you and your husband share.

But mind you too much comfort sex is boring and it can be killing for the sexual relationship. If you feel that you are having only comfort sex then its high time that you had a steamy and passionate sexual encounter with your partner to bring the passion back into your marriage. Thus plan a date with your husband after the kids are off to bed. Wear something you feel sexy in and light some candles. Have a candlelight dinner and make love on the kitchen table. This change in circumstances inevitably will lead to a change in sexual experience and your relationship.

Passionate Sex
This kind of sex is basically done in the heat of the moment without thinking about the place and occasion. You are aroused and all that you need is to satisfy yourself. It can also be termed as special occasion sex since couples go out on a vacation specially to get the passionate sex back into their life. Special-occasion sex is the thing that breaks up the monotony and gives you the chance to fall in love again and also reminds you that you have been a hot couple. The other kind of passionate sex is to experiment and find out new kinds of mind-blowing sex. In exploring and experimenting, you might discover something that really feels wonderful, and suddenly the sex is something you crave for every moment and at all times. Maybe it's a new position or some sensual music that pushes you over the edge. The only way to find what turns both of you on is through trial and error. To have passionate sex when you have loads of work and kids to take care of is an almost impossible thought but you have to work towards it. Small acts of sexual passion and urges will be very helpful to ignite the passion in both of you. Thus to have passionate sex you should have variety in your sex life. And pretty soon, you'll realize that variety really is the spice of a great sex life, and that marriage can be so full of fun and excitement.

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