This is a must list for everyone having sex

beautiful kissTo have some new experience in bed, first of all take some efforts to learn at least three different sex positions. If your girl seems to be tired of observing the ceiling pattern then ask her lie on the belly.

Act a smiling masseuse. Take some cool cream, put on a charming smile and it guarantees that your girl will become flexible to your caresses.

If you see your girl’s skin turns rose when having sex, it is a sure sign that she really enjoys what you do and reaches an orgasm. Be careful, rose skin may also indicate that a girl is allergic or too shy.

The revolutionary relief condom is the thing that everyone must try! These things are unlikely to give new sensations to men while women are sure to experience something new with them. What is more, relief condoms can even prolong the sweet process.

Some men say that that the idea of group sex sounds really attractive for them. Suggest that your girl’s female friend or your male friend may join your sex games, and if she agrees all of you will have new entertaining experience.

When feeling that sex has become boring, have a close look at the bedroom. Put the place in order! Immediately remove your girl’s long-sleeves night gown and a collection of stuffed toys. Something must be wrong with a woman who hugs stuffed animals in bed. Unless you act a male teacher and a school-girl during your sex games.

Sex experts insist that masturbating together guarantees that both partners will learn more about each other, establish a close psychological contact and improve their sexual life. Indeed, masturbating together gives a wonderful opportunity to know how a partner likes to be caressed.

It is an open secret that women love midday sex when their extremely busy, already awaken, slightly strange and energetic men drop in just for a couple of minutes to have quick sex. By the way, quick sex is very stimulating, especially for women.

Men say it is a really thrilling experience for them to have a photo session of their naked women. Certainly, when a man himself is the photographer. Polaroid suits perfectly well for this case: the result is instantaneous and no need to take the negatives to a photo lab.

It is still a disputable issue whether a synchronous orgasm with your partner is really exciting or not. In fact, this gives no additional sensations to partners, but still it is pleasant to feel both of you are reaching an orgasm together. In other words, it is worth trying people say.

Do you believe your friends when they say they have already had sex in elevators, on roofs, in a car, on a bench in a public park, in WC on board of a plane or somewhere else? Have you already tried at least something of the list or just feel envious of those who tell such stories?

Women’s underwear is much nicer than men’s, and girls state the love wearing it. Men, do try your girls’ lacy panties and stockings and you may have new experience also. Don’t your feel curious to know how it feels to have thin lacy things on?

Another entertainment that may make your sex activity livelier is petting in public places, cinemas, theatres and restaurants, in other words everywhere where immediate sex is impossible. Men may concentrate on any intimate part of their partners’ bodies they can reach – legs, hands or even the tongue – with the purpose of reaching an orgasm. Certainly, this must be concealed from others.

And finally, a very important must-do in sex is to confess love to your partner. This must be done free and easy, a very hard task with which only a real man can cope. If you feel that you will only mumble instead of pronouncing the love confession, then have some practice with a mirror.

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