Ladies, Do You Want To Feel Sexy?

Sometime, things just get so darn boring. It makes you see life like a 1950s movie without a touch of color to brighten up the day. But if you thought that there's no way you can perk up, think again.

Resort to some things that will cheer you up, boost your confidence, and eventually make a life that is full of life!

For ladies out there, you may opt for a sexy bra instead of the usual types of brasseries that you have. Most fashion experts contend that wearing sexy things like a sexy bra will definitely make you feel sexy.

However, the big question is: what makes a sexy bra? Is it the material, the design, the color, or the person who is wearing it?

Some of you might prefer to answer with the latter choice in mind. But nevertheless, sexy bra is still a bra and needs a little more positive characteristics to give you the support and comfort that you need.

So, when choosing a sexy bra, it is still important to consider these following pointers so that you'll not only feel sexy but confident and comfortable as well.

1. When you want to show some flesh and your sexy bra might just do the job for you, consider the color of your tops and your sexy bra as well. Do not show beige sexy bra straps under spaghetti-strap tops.

2. Do not wear plastic strap sexy bras with halter-tops. It will not be a pretty sight even if you are wearing a sexy bra.

3. A single hook looks very neat, but it is not practical for fuller busts. A fastening with two or three hooks is much comfortable and supportive even during some hot steamy nights.

4. All straps should have adjustable levels fort the hooks to accommodate fluctuation of weight or washing changes. A stretch sexy bra with Lycra will get bigger over time and may not look sexy anymore, so does a sexy bra woven with a firm cotton material.

5. Women often wear sexy bras that are too tight thinking that it will give their breasts that needed lift. This should not be the case. A sexy bra can give you that much needed lift to show off those eye-popping cleavage at the same time fits just right. With this, you do not only look sexy but more confident.

6. Have a wardrobe of sexy bra. Think of the occasion that will call for it. Sexy bra looks good with laces on and looks even great with evening gowns or even with a simple night lingerie. Have fun with it!

7. Remember that if your sexy bra lets your breast bulge above the cup or out of the sides near the armpits, creating lumps under the clothes, then the cups are too small.

8. On the other hand, if the cup material puckers or the breast doesn't entirely fill a molded cup, then it is just too big.

9. Likewise, if your sexy bra rides up in the back and is higher than the front, then the band is too long.

10. A nice, comfy sexy bra should never leave red marks on the skin after it's taken off because it means that your sexy bra is just too small.

11. A colorful, laced sexy bra is a definite turn-on. But remember not to wear then under a white or light-colored shirt. This will not make a good impression on you.

12. Do use a matching halter bra and pull it down with a low-back adaptor. This will definitely make you look sexy and cool.

There you have it! Just follow these simple rules on the dos and donts" of wearing a sexy bra and you'll never have an embarrassing moment. Indeed, a sexy bra partnered with a confident wearer equals a one hot summer night. That is what chemistry is all about!

Bra and Panties Shopping

When it comes time for shopping for intimates like bra and panties, it can be a little embarrassing for some. There are lingerie stores that have a great selection for everyone. The only problem with this is that some women do not like to shop in front of other woman. It can be hard for them to let loose and pick out sexy items like this to wear in private or for someone else. There are so many styles to look at when shopping for bra and panties. You can find soft and sophisticated looks for the more conservative woman and there are others that will knock anyone’s socks off.

There is fun and exciting looks that will make any woman feel great in and have any man begging for mercy. There are colors like white, black, red and even fun and bold patterns to choose from.

There are wild animal prints and even soft pastel designs to feel attractive in. No matter what mood a woman is in, they will be able to match it with their bra and panties that they are wearing underneath.

Giving a great, set of bra and panties for wedding shower gift is a great idea. You will get a lot of fun by giving one of these hot and exciting sets to a future bride. She will get a lot of great use out of it and it will get the party off to a great start. Although there are many lingerie stores to shop at, many people prefer to shop online for these bra and panties. Some women feel more comfortable shopping from their own home for these intimate items. When it comes time for a man to buy there special someone a sexy outfit like this, they will also feel more at ease shopping online. It is quick, easy, and very confidential. When shopping online for these things, there is often a great selection to choose from and a range of all sizes. There will be something for everyone and it does not have to be embarrassing. The items are usually shipped within a few days.

Most of the shops online come with a great return policy as well. If something does not fit or look right, a woman can return them full a refund or exchange. It is easy and a lot of fun at the same time. Getting fun and sassy bra and panty sets are always a great way to boost a woman’s self esteem.

It is always a good way to put a little excitement into a relationship. It will be some thing that both partners can benefit from. It will add some flair and fun to the relationship and put the heat back it where it belongs.

Fashion Bikinis

One would definitely want to dazzle the vast crowd on the beach in a striking and attractive bikini. The raging trends of bikinis now available are mostly inspired from movies. Most of the bikinis come in prints of stripes, floral or patterns of checks. The colors are mostly black but colors like blue, white and purples are in vogue too. The embellishments include smocks, laces, stones, beads, crystals and sometimes embroidery.

Bikinis now with their steady development in its varied styles are much in fashion today. Bikinis can be termed as the father of fashion swimwear. They become skimpier as days go by. They are styled in such a way to enhance the curves. An interesting innovation of the bikini is the tankini. It is more of a bikini that has a sporty style to it. A tankini has a longer bikini top thereby only exposing a little of the tummy.

Another variation of the bikini is the bandini, which has a strip of straight cloth for the top. A bikini with a top in the form o f a camisole is called a camikini. Another deviation from the regular bikini is the maillot, which is of one piece. They are one shouldered and are halter necked. With the wide variety in the styles of the bikini one can dazzle the crowd in a sizzling style that one desires. Some of the eye-catching styles would be a bikini with aqua prints. For a softer and sober look go in for bikinis in pastel shades and for a fun loving look choose tropical prints with details either in beads or stones. For a hot look go in for bikinis in a fiery red color or velvet bikinis with details on them. For a bolder look bikinis in bold stripes and checks or loud patterns. One can even get the bikini bottoms hold together with beads, laces, strings, bows or rings.

Bikinis of lace are available with strings that can be adjusted to fit better. Such a bikini is ideal for a full-figured woman. Animal printed bikinis can turn everyone’s eye toward you.

It is hard to believe the vast number of things one can do with so little cloth to bring out the glory in a woman’s body. Whether one wants to sizzle or if one wants to stay plain there are fashion bikinis to enhance the feminine beauty (and his feelings for you).


This is a must list for everyone having sex

beautiful kissTo have some new experience in bed, first of all take some efforts to learn at least three different sex positions. If your girl seems to be tired of observing the ceiling pattern then ask her lie on the belly.

Act a smiling masseuse. Take some cool cream, put on a charming smile and it guarantees that your girl will become flexible to your caresses.

If you see your girl’s skin turns rose when having sex, it is a sure sign that she really enjoys what you do and reaches an orgasm. Be careful, rose skin may also indicate that a girl is allergic or too shy.

The revolutionary relief condom is the thing that everyone must try! These things are unlikely to give new sensations to men while women are sure to experience something new with them. What is more, relief condoms can even prolong the sweet process.

Some men say that that the idea of group sex sounds really attractive for them. Suggest that your girl’s female friend or your male friend may join your sex games, and if she agrees all of you will have new entertaining experience.

When feeling that sex has become boring, have a close look at the bedroom. Put the place in order! Immediately remove your girl’s long-sleeves night gown and a collection of stuffed toys. Something must be wrong with a woman who hugs stuffed animals in bed. Unless you act a male teacher and a school-girl during your sex games.

Sex experts insist that masturbating together guarantees that both partners will learn more about each other, establish a close psychological contact and improve their sexual life. Indeed, masturbating together gives a wonderful opportunity to know how a partner likes to be caressed.

It is an open secret that women love midday sex when their extremely busy, already awaken, slightly strange and energetic men drop in just for a couple of minutes to have quick sex. By the way, quick sex is very stimulating, especially for women.

Men say it is a really thrilling experience for them to have a photo session of their naked women. Certainly, when a man himself is the photographer. Polaroid suits perfectly well for this case: the result is instantaneous and no need to take the negatives to a photo lab.

It is still a disputable issue whether a synchronous orgasm with your partner is really exciting or not. In fact, this gives no additional sensations to partners, but still it is pleasant to feel both of you are reaching an orgasm together. In other words, it is worth trying people say.

Do you believe your friends when they say they have already had sex in elevators, on roofs, in a car, on a bench in a public park, in WC on board of a plane or somewhere else? Have you already tried at least something of the list or just feel envious of those who tell such stories?

Women’s underwear is much nicer than men’s, and girls state the love wearing it. Men, do try your girls’ lacy panties and stockings and you may have new experience also. Don’t your feel curious to know how it feels to have thin lacy things on?

Another entertainment that may make your sex activity livelier is petting in public places, cinemas, theatres and restaurants, in other words everywhere where immediate sex is impossible. Men may concentrate on any intimate part of their partners’ bodies they can reach – legs, hands or even the tongue – with the purpose of reaching an orgasm. Certainly, this must be concealed from others.

And finally, a very important must-do in sex is to confess love to your partner. This must be done free and easy, a very hard task with which only a real man can cope. If you feel that you will only mumble instead of pronouncing the love confession, then have some practice with a mirror.