10 Reasons To Make Love In Bed

Get Behind Doggy-Style

The Kama Sutra names it "the Union of the Cow," the French coo levrette, the Italians whisper pecorina and the Americans call it "doggy-style". The position is as old as the first four-legged animal who could back dat ass up, and it stands today as a guaranteed good time

As the name implies, doggy-style is sex in the image of our canine companions. Basically, the receiving partner crouches on hands and knees while the other partner penetrates the vagina or the anus with his penis (or with her strap-on dildo) from behind.

Here are 10 good reasons to get freaky on all fours:

1. Makes a statement. It's really the only socially conscious way to fuck. There is a mythic history to doggy-style that claims missionaries repressed the position in the native villages they were trying to "civilize." They taught the "missionary position" (man on top, woman on bottom, facing each other) as the only acceptable intercourse. So doggy-style is not just naughty, it's a symbol of protest!

2. G-licious. Doggy-style is a prime position to stimulate a woman's G-spot. Ruff.

3. Close encounters of the preferred kind. Doggy-style allows for all the goodies to meet and greet each other-"Testicles, meet the labia." "How do you do?" Every thang is just rubbin' all up on every thang else. But the clitoris will not be as stimulated as it would in the missionary position, which leads into the next advantage ...

4. Look Ma! No hands! One can alter the position so that the receiving partner can drop their chest down, freeing their hands to fool around. A receiving female might play with her love button or reach back to fondle her partner's testicles or clit (again, two women can do this using a strap-on). The penetrator also has this advantage because instead of using his hands to prop himself up, he can put them to better use by grabbing on to the receiver's breasts or hips or teasing her clit (or his penis-two males can do this with anal penetration).

5. Control freak. Both partners can control the pace because the receiver can thrust backward just as well as the penetrator can pump forward into the vagina or anus. In male-female pairs, women report enjoying an enhanced sense of control but so do males-that makes for some interesting intensity.

6. Long-lasting. This position is one of the easiest to maintain without causing fatigue. Guys also report they can last longer because they have better control over when they ejaculate. Unless they have a naughty partner who thrusts backward mercilessly.

7. Toys! If the receiving partner is a woman, she can lie on top of a well-placed vibrator and grind for clitoral stimulation. And yet again, two women can do it with a strap-on dildo. Two women can do it with a strap-on dildo. (It bears repeating.)

8. Spectacular views. Since you will both be facing the same direction, you can take in porn-or yourselves-in the mirror. The penetrating partner also gets a full interactive view of their partner's ass. This is a prime advantage, according to one student, "Especially if it's a nice ass you've been trying to get up on. If you see a girl and you're like damn, she has a nice ass! Then you want to do her doggy-style because you get to stare at that nice ass." True as this may be, doggy-style often gets a bad rap because it lacks eye contact, but this can be advantageous for those of you who like to let your minds wander. I'm not suggesting you fantasize about someone else, but ugly people need sex too.

9. Full moon. Doggy-style raises and exposes the receiver's ass like no other position. Women report enjoying deeper penetration and when their partners pay attention to the anus. Putting a finger in or just stimulating the area are options to explore. An ass-play advocate suggests, "It adds a dimension to the erotic sensations ... and adventurousness heightens the experience." It's also a great setup for anal sex. Nervous about popping the question? It's easier to propose anal unity when halfway there.

10. Darwin would approve. To quote The Bloodhound Gang, "You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel." Evolution doesn't lie, people. This position has been naturally selected; think about it.

Have Great Love!!