Monday, April 13

25 Sexiest Things Ever Said by Women

The 25 Sexiest Things Ever Said by Women

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1. “The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.” — Eve, Genesis 3:13

2. “To err is human—but it feels divine.” — Mae West

3. “We’re so damn conservative all day that when you finally get us in the bedroom, we’re absolute animals.” — Shannen Doherty, on being Republican

4. “Lust is the sin that gets me excited. Luckily, because I’m married, I also get good jewelry out of it.” — Heather Locklear

5. “All I can say is if they show my butt in a movie, it better be a wide shot.” — Jennifer Lopez

6. “I don’t think I have to introduce myself, unless you don’t recognize me with my clothes on.” — Madonna

7. “If you want to turn on your boyfriend, get naked and strap on an accordion.” — Sheryl Crow

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